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Grapes just before the harvest

Expectations about 2017 vintage from Slovenian winemakers

Harvesting is just about to start in Slovenia so we reached out to some winemakers to give us their view on the forthcoming 2017 vintage. The vintage looks promising but we saw nature showing its force again in some parts of Slovenia this year. It looks like frost, hail and drought are becoming an everyday danger for the winemakers in some parts of the country.

We are practically just before this year’s harvest. What are your thoughts on the 2017 vintage?

Matija Gerzina – Lepa Vida winery, Vipava valley

Matija Geržina (Lepa Vida winery): Last weeks are always very important and the race lasts until the last minute, just like in any sport. Harvesting is likely to be a week, possibly two weeks earlier than last year. Of course, all the winemakers will try hard to get as much as possible from the grapes. For Lepa Vida, the vintage of 2017 is estimated to have a good potential and we are waiting for the final weeks.

Boris Bordon, Vina Bordon, Istra, Slovenia

Boris Bordon (Vina Bordon): This summer is the hottest since 2003. Given that precipitation was well placed only at the beginning of the vegetation, we can expect above-average yields in zones where the vines will be able to fight with this year’s drought. The quality of the produce will be excellent everywhere. Red wines with prolonged maceration from this year’s grapes will have a very specific character.

Nature showed its force in some vineyards this year again. What’s the situation in your vineyards?

Matija Geržina (Lepa Vida winery): We had some frost this year, fortunately only a small percentage of vines were affected and all the other disasters missed us this year. We are hopeful that it will stay like this, but as already mentioned, we are playing until the last minute. There are many stories when wine-growers literally were left with nothing only a day or two before the picking.

Boris Bordon (Vina Bordon): We had a little hail but fortunately the quality of the crop is preserved just the quantity is slightly reduced. The same applies to spring frost.

What are the plans for the harvest? When do you plan to start and what will go into the cellar first?

Matija Geržina (Lepa Vida winery): With us, the first grape to hit the cellar is always pinot grigio as it ripens first and is already in its characteristic color. As already mentioned, we are expecting to start the harvest a week or two earlier than last year, so we will have the “August” harvest again this year.

Boris Bordon (Vina Bordon): Harvest will be long and hard. We will start already in the next days with the Yellow Muscat grapes that will be used for our Muscat sparkling wine.

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