VinooMagazine - A Digital Wine Magazine

Hello wine world! A new digital wine magazine is born

Hi guys. This was long in the making…

The idea stuck with us for a long time but as you know time unfortunately passes by sooo fast. As always if you don’t start and you are just thinking about the idea things don’t get done or someone else is going to do it instead of you.

So finally here it is. A new digital wine magazine. What will it bring? We will work hard to bring you as much value as possible. Our aim is also not to be too serious about wine. There are too many printed and online magazines that are experts in wine and wine industry. vinooMagazine is more relaxed but informative and a bit different. Start browsing, reading and… enjoy the ride as I’m sure we will.

The start is nothing special. But it’s a start!

It’s a humble start with a couple of interesting articles to read. We will try to bring new content every couple of days. For now we will write about Slovenian wine and Slovenia winemakers. But that doesn’t mean that this is everything what we will do in the future 😉

You never know where this road will take us.

So… Say “Cheers” and enjoy this journey with us!

Saso Papp

Father, CEO & Co-founder of, passionate communicator, entrepreneur, brand evangelist, storyteller, voice-over artist, running lean