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TOP5 Slovenian rose wines to try this summer by Andrejka Košir Gažovič

Which slovenian rose wines to try this summer?

That is a hard question as many winemakers are making tasty rose wines but let’s hear it from a renowned sommelier Andrejka Košir Gažovič. With her VinoFeel Institute she is one of the organisers of a DrinkPink rose wine festival. That’s what she recommends:

1. Posestvo Štokelj – Rose (Merlot)

This Rose comes from Vipava valley, Primorska and it is made from 100% Merlot grapes. Wonderful dry rose for about 10 euros.

Posestvo Štokelj - Rose
Posestvo Štokelj – Rose

2. Zlati Grič – Rose (Modra frankinja, Blue Franconian, Blaufrankisch, Frankovka, Lemberger)

This nice Rose comes from Štajerska Slovenija, Podravje and it is made from Modra Frankinja grape which originates from Lower Styria, now Slovenia. A very nice and balanced summer wine from indigenous grape for just about 5 euros.

Zlati Grič - Rose
Zlati Grič – Rose

3. Hiša vina Doppler – Efekt rose (50% Zweigelt, 50% Modra frankinja)

A nice blend of Zweigelt and Modra frankinja from Štajerska Slovenija, Podravje. Fresh, fruity, well balanced for 7.50 €.


Doppler - Efekt Rose
Doppler – Efekt Rose

4. Vino Gaube – Rose (Modri pinot, Pinot Noir)

A very nice Rose from 100% Pinot noir growing in the vineyards around Špičnik, Kungota just next to Austria (Štajerska Slovenija, Podravje region). Alojzij Gaube is a masterful winemaker and together with his wife Klavdija and son Patrik a very nice host if you have time to visit them. Available from 7.32 €.


Gaube - Rose 2016
Gaube – Rose 2016

5. Meum Winery – Rose (Modri pinot, Pinot Noir)

Meum winery is one of the youngest if not THE youngest winery in Slovenia but the winemaker Jurij Brumec is and “old” and experienced winemaker. Chill this baby properly and enjoy in the shade. Available from 8 €.


Meum winery - Rose
Meum winery – Rose

About Andrejka Košir Gažovič

After school she continued her work in the USA where she finally realized that the wine was her passion and her way.

She finished sommelier training at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu Miami and worked for 5 years on Celebrity Cruises as a sommelier and master sommelier where she continues to attend additional training and seminars today.

She is regularly invited to wine festivals as a jury member especially in the United States and elsewhere in Europe.

She is also a Co-founder of the VinoFeel – Wine Tourism Institute whose main objective is to present wine tourism outside the borders of Slovenia in cooperation with the Embassy and the WTO of Slovenia.



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