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Ana Dea Rostohar - Wine lover and Leader at Backroads

#WINELOVER: Ana Dea Rostohar, Leader at Backroads Active Travel

Ana Dea is always smiling and nice to be around Slovenian young gal, always active either on a bike as a Leader at Backroads travel company or privately. She works mostly in France where she also fell in love with wine. Cheers babe!

Just another day at the office for Ana Dea (somewhere in France with a group)

You have a job that takes you around the world. And you also like to travel when not working. I guess you are tasting quite a lot of different wines?

I mostly drink when I work 😀 We are fortunate to eat at some pretty amazing places so with an incredible meal an extraordinary wine is a must! I also like to stick with local so in Normandy for example I would opt for cider instead of wine.

You are in France a lot when working. Can you compare French and Slovenian wine?

Honestly, Slovenian wines are pretty incredible – even the Frenchies will admit it. So we should be proud.

Ana Dea with the group

What attracts you most in wine?

The smell! You know if you’ll like the wine or not straight away.

What’s the meaning of wine in your life?

I think wine is a super social thing – either you do a wine tasting at a local winery, join wine school, pair it with an incredible meal or share a special bottle that you’ve just carried to the top of the mountain.. An it always tastes better with good company.

During what period of your life did you fall in love with wine?

My friends would say ‘What? She doesn’t drink wine!’ and I didn’t for a very long time, too long. Then I started working in France, tasted a couple and now I’m head over heels! I wouldn’t necessarily combine words ‘wine’ and ‘expert’ when talking about me, but I’m learning 😉

Ana Dea learning about French wine

Which wine do you love the most at the moment? Any special style?

I love full bodied red wines. But the choice usually depends on the food.

A bottle of really good wine or a cheap 5-liter carton?

A bottle of a really great one will make me smile!

TOP5 wines that we have to try “before we die” of your choice? Any Slovenian wine?

I got to know Slovenian wines more at your vinooTasting events and we had some really good ones. But the one that really blew my mind and stuck with me is Château Magdelaine (Saint-Émilion 1er Grand Cru Classé) – you need to try it!

Ana Dea among vineyards

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