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Tanja Kocman
Tanja Kocman - wine lover, stand-up comedian, radio & TV personality

#WINELOVER: Tanja Kocman (stand-up comedian, radio & TV personality)

What does the wine mean to you?

I have to admit that wine has a huge meaning in my life. I always have a bottle at home to share with anyone that comes for a visit. Well, I admit that I often fill a glass or two to myself even without a visit 😉 Whether because I had a hard day so I need to pamper myself or because the day was successful and I have to reward myself. You know… There is always a reason 😉

Can you remember when you first tasted the wine? Usually in your part of the world this happens when parents stick a baby pacifier into the wine and then give it to the kid to have a peaceful night? 😉

Our family likes wine so I tasted it quite early when my father secretly gave me a small sip. My parents like to share a story how I was throwing myself on the floor after one glass and singing: “I drank wine, I am drunk.”

You have some vines at home. Do you make wine or is it more for eating and making juice?

Every year Kocman family harvests the grapes and produces about 100 liters of wine. It lasts only until spring.

Who makes the wine and what role do you have?

My dad is the family enologist 😉 Even though Mom has already become a small expert. My role? I’m a miserable assistant in tearing down those parts that are low enough for my hobbit height.

As an artistic soul you probably drink quite a bit of alcohol? Does it help you to be more creative?

I’d say yes. Since it releases some tensions in me and occasionally slightly opens my third eye 😉 But! We are talking about moderate amounts, because with too many empty glasses I become a pain in the …

A bottle of really great wine or a 5 liter canister?

A bottle of course! But after that a 5-liter canister will also work for me (when you don’t mind what you are drinking 🙂

If you had unlimited amounts of money you would … (in connection with wine of course)

I would have wines for all occasions and tastes in my cellar. And each barrel would automagically play my favorite song while pouring from it 😉

Did you ever try sparkling wine instead of coffee?

I did that today! I do it often when I’m at the seaside (vacation).

Sober or …. When is sex better?

Huh … I’m extraordinary in bed – in any condition!

You can reach Tanja at where you can also book her for a live stand-up show.


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